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B. Scott Explains The Real Drama Behind The Scenes At BET Awards

While interviewing on the red carpet at the BET Awards, B Scott of Love B. Scott asked K Michelle to sing him a song because he needed a few words of encouragement. He never explained what the drama was during the BET Awards, but from his tone and expression I could tell something was really bothering him. Now we know what it is!!! Frankly, I’m upset at these allegations that BET tried to tone down B. Scott’s looks to appease a select few.

Love B Scott Outfits For BET Awards

Basically this is what happened according to B. Scott. BET invited B. Scott to be the Style Stage Correspondent for the 2013 BET Awards 106 and Park Pre-Show. B. Scott chose an outfit to reflect his style that was suitable for the warm weather, not too masculine but not too feminine, either. After interviewing AJ Colloway during the show, B Scott was pulled from his gig and replaced by Adrienne Baillon. BET asked B. Scott to pull his fabulous hair back and change his clothes to appear more masculine and suitable for “certain” folks.

I don’t understand how BET can invite B. Scott knowing who he is, and then ask him to be something other than himself… because someone was uncomfortable with his look. Who does that? I’m sorry but BET missed me with that one. If BET didn’t want the real B. Scott they shouldn’t have INVITED him. So disrespectful!

You can read the full account of what happened at Love B Scott via his Open Letter to BET. Of course BET has released a statement. They didn’t deny any of the allegations, but instead issued a quasi-apology based on miscommunication. Check out their response to B. Scott via Cotten Kandi. I have to say I’m really disappointed!!!


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