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Roland Martin Says Royal Baby Is Getting ‘An Absolutely Stupid Amount Of Attention’

How many people were excited to hear about the ‘Royal Baby’ George being born to Prince William and Princess Kate?  Even here in America, you can’t help but get a little swept up with the royal family of England.  But some people are card carrying members of the Fed Up Gang and have had it up to here with the coverage.  One of those people being news anchor Roland Martin.  The Wrap is reporting that when Roland was asked about how his coverage of the royal event would differ from other stations, he basically shared that it would be a running joke.

Roland Martin BET Honors 2013 - Arrivals

Roland S. Martin says his new show “NewsOne Now” would have covered the birth of the royal baby — “but the story would be, this is an absolutely stupid amount of attention being paid to a child being born.”…”I can guarantee you, for probably about a week, I would make fun of that damn story every single day,” said the CNN veteran.

Well damn.  I mean, I’m sure as a news anchor there are stories that irk you or that you don’t necessarily want to talk about, but do we have to talk about the baby? And it’s not like there wasn’t the same amount of attention when Prince Charles and Princess Diana had their babies decades ago.  Roland just might need to build a bridge and get over it.

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