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Rihanna Shows Off Piercings In Mesh Top…Seems Thirsty, No?

Usually I think Bad Girl RiRi is ahead of the pack when it comes to being provocative, but lately it seems less provocative and more…how can I say this delicatelyTHIRSTY!

I know The Navy will be mad at me, but Rihanna is getting older and should be progressing out of this stage into something more reflective of her A-list status; something edgy but mature. Before Rihanna knows it, she will be 30 and calling the paparazzi on herself like some of these other “stars”.

Rihanna Takes Over Magic City Atlanta 4 Rihanna Shows Off Piercings In Mesh Top...Seems Thirsty, No?

I can’t post the piercing pics here, but you can check out the pics via Impeccable Imperfections. I still adore Rihanna, I just don’t want her to cross that line between famous and infamous, or edgy and thirsty, and wearing mesh see-through tops during the day on the street with paparazzi present screams the latter.


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  1. She’s doing too much.

  2. what will she do next smh

  3. That’s meh Bad gallll!!! I fuckin love this chic!!

  4. whoa bad gal

  5. alright Rihanna slow down girl

  6. Rihanna is going to be Rihanna..nothing surprises me anymore about her

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