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So Justin Bieber Needs A Reality Check…Star Spinning Out Of Control

Justin Bieber is probably having the worse week ever. This kid is either trying to earn some street cred, or he has lost control of his senses. I really hate to see another celebrity teen get so far gone that they fall from grace, but Justin Bieber just may be on the heels of Amanda Bynes. According to The Gossip Wrap-Up, Justin was caught peeing in a bucket, insulting President Bill Clinton on a video, and his friend Lil Twist was arrested for a DUI while driving Justin’s car, again.

Justin Bieber Fighting So Justin Bieber Needs A Reality Check...Star Spinning Out Of Control

Usually I defend this kid, but he’s becoming quite annoying. He’s acting entitled. When was the last time we’ve seen something positive from him. Welp! It won’t be soon cause, Justin Bieber is in trouble again. Find out why via The Gossip Wrap-Up. Poor thing thinks he’s hard…

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  1. He needs to have a seat!

  2. This poor child.

  3. I am no longer a belieber..he trippin’

  4. he needs to chill

  5. I’m so sick of this female…trying to be “down”….smh poser

  6. he is such a little puke…. I think he is just in the beginning of his descent, it is going to get worse..

  7. Yes, he’s doing too much.

  8. Yeah he really needs to slow down..

  9. I think he’s just growing up and going through the motions. Hopefully he gets it together.

    • Too much money to be made off of him. He’ll get it together soon enough.

  10. crazy

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