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Meet Maddy: Juror B-29 Says Zimmerman Got Away With “Murder”

Maddy, best known as Juror #B29 during the George Zimmerman trial, is speaking out to express her side of the verdict. We heard from Juror #B37 who signed a book deal (which has since been scrapped) less than 24 hours after the verdict, and now it’s time to hear from the juror simply known as Maddy. Maddy is a nursing assistant and the mother of eight children. O_o

During the trial she was often describe as the non-white juror who was maybe Hispanic, or maybe black. Turns out she’s both.

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Maddy wants us to know that she believes Zimmerman got away with murder due to the way the Florida law is structured. She says she held out for a guilty verdict, but the law just didn’t support the prosecution’s case. In other words the prosecution failed to prove “intent”, and the outcome of the verdict depended on the proof of intent and not action.

Maddy sits with Robbin Roberts of ABC for the exclusive. If you can’t watch the video, check out what she says about the verdict via Spill Da Beanz. Maddy is still not happy with the verdict. She’s having trouble eating and sleeping, or so she claims…{continue reading}. Hopefully she’s not trying to make money, but is simply setting the record straight.

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