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Flo Rida Takes Paternity Test To Clear Child Support Judgement

I always wonder why people don’t go this route whenever they get a child support judgement against them, especially when they aren’t quite certain of paternity.  But apparently rapper Flo Rida ain’t the one to try it with. According to TMZ, Flo Rida took a paternity test to get released from a child support judgement.  And guess what the result was?

Flo Rida At Fuse Studios2 Flo Rida Takes Paternity Test To Clear Child Support Judgement

TMZ broke the story … Flo Rida was sued for child support in Florida by a woman named Gloria Holloway, who insists Flo fathered her kid. Flo — real name Tramar Dillard — adamantly denied paternity … and now he’s got proof in the form of a DNA test.

TMZ has obtained the doc … and according to the paperwork, there is a 0% chance that Flo is the daddy.

Now his attorneys will be filing the results with the Florida Department of Revenue to prevent a child support judgement.  Guess that shut that plan all the way down!

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  1. I know he’s happy! Lol

  2. He was smart

  3. good for him

  4. He’s fortunate. I still don’t know why women insist on playing Maury Povich.

  5. women are so foul!!!!!!! now wonder men don’t trust us

  6. Good for him smart move to make!

  7. I know he excited!!!

  8. He is NOT the father, when is this going to air on Maury? Haaa.

  9. I bet the mother is someone looking for a paycheck.

  10. I know he’s excited!!! No money out his pocket lol!

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