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Deion Sanders Says Girlfriend Tracey Edmonds Is “Campbell Soup Good”

Deion Sanders is opening up about his relationship with Tracey Edmonds now that his divorce is final. While on Tom Joyner Morning Show Deion Sanders admits that Tracey Edmonds, “Put it on him.”

I told Tracy, I don’t know what she did to me but she put it down. I said, ‘Baby your plan worked. You put it down. {…via Yazmar}

 Tracey Edmonds Deion Sanders Couple Deion Sanders Says Girlfriend Tracey Edmonds Is Campbell Soup Good

Sanders doesn’t stop there, he also let’s the world know how he really feels about Trcaey Edmonds and her “good” lovin’. Oh Deion is so smitten and in love:

Deion says, “Me and Tracy gon’ always be good. I mean Campbell’s soup good, I mean Grandma cooking good. I mean sweet ice tea with some barbecue chips good.

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  1. Good for him.

  2. She gets around doesn’t she.. Well at least they’re happy!

  3. There’s someone for everyone.

  4. yeah he say that now, he said the same thing about pilar and tracey is an industry bicycle! first babyface, eddie now him…yeah ok….i question tracey’s integrity!

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