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Dallas’ DJ Kidd Kraddick Dies From Brain Aneurysm…

It’s a sad day in Dallas, TX. We lost one of the best radio personalities in Top 40 syndication, our very own David Kidd Kraddick. Kidd, 53, died from a brain aneurysm during his Kidd’s Kid charity golf tournament just outside of New Orleans. Kidd was very loyal and very supportive of young Dallas-area artists like Selena Gomez, The Jonas Brothers, Kelly Clarkson, and Demi Lovato.

It will be so hard to listen to 106.1 Kiss FM without Kidd Kraddick in the Morning.

Kidd Kraddick Selena Gomez

Ironically, according to Diva Whispers, Kidd Kraddick hosted a special radio segment last week joking about his last words on earth to his crew. Although it was meant to be humorous, I think it’s reflective of his personality. Check it out via Diva Whispers. R.I.P Kidd Kraddick!

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