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Say What? Ciara Enlists The Help Of Groupon To Boost Album Sales

Nowadays it seems that a lot of people rely on creative ways to market a product to get album sales, rather than relying on things like talent to do the job.  Now while I can’t say that Ciara is the first person to use Groupon to help with album sales, I can say that I’m pretty sure she’s the first one to post the latest album on the site for sale.

Ciara Groupon Deal

If you’re looking for a deal, then I guess this is for you.  If you hop on over to Groupon, you can snag Ciara‘s latest project PLUS a greatest hits album for the low low price of $19.98. Yes. Seriously. So far, 70 people have taken advantage… *Crickets*  So, how many of you will be taking advantage of this?  Or do you think this is a sign that she needs to sit down somewhere?

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