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Chris Brown’s Weight Loss Is A Cause For Concern…Too Thin?

I don’t know if all the stress from false allegations are getting to Chris Brown, the break-up from Rihanna, or if it’s something else. But we caught a glimpse of Chris Brown backstage at the BET Awards without his jacket, and his frame is so thin. I don’t know what he’s going through, but it’s starting to show physically.

Chris Brown Skinny Weight Loss BET Awards Chris Browns Weight Loss Is A Cause For Concern...Too Thin?

Make that money Breezy, but don’t let that money make you…I’m sure Rihanna twerking to Drake lyrics doesn’t help the situation, either:

Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah…well at least the old RiRi is back!!!

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  1. wouldn’t you be skinny as heck with all the drama in his life…one thing after another..

    • Yes, I think Chris is barely keeping it together. He needs therapy and some time away before he self destroys everything.

  2. He is a bit thin, he was so much cuter when he had some meat on his bones.

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