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Chris Brown Donates 1,000 Sneakers To L.A. Kids

I bet you want see this story on Perez Hilton or TMZ! Chris Brown donated 1,000 pairs of Reebok shoes to kids during a charity event at Crenshaw Highschool in Los Angeles. Chris Brown was part of the WE US: Walk Everywhere in Unity’s Shoes event raising awareness for gang reduction in L.A. communities. Breezy teamed up with L.A.’s mayor office, the Unity campaign, plus other organizations that also advocate against gang violence. 1,000 kids in Compton and Baldwin Village received a nice gift today.

Chris Brown Reebok Unity Charity Chris Brown Donates 1,000 Sneakers To L.A. Kids

Way to go Breezy! Check out more pics of Chris Brown in L.A. today advocating against gang violence…via Yazmar. He hasn’t looked this happy in a long time.

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  1. That was really nice of him!

  2. nice

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