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50 Cent Assaults Baby Mother, Not That One, But Model Daphne Joy!!!

Last year rumors circulated that 50 Cent was dating model Daphne Joy and that she was pregnant with his baby. No one ever confirmed the rumors, and they quietly went away. Now they’re back!!! Confirmed and all with more drama thrown in the mix. Now we know why Ciara officially moved on and never looked back. Anyway, that’s old news.

50 Cent Daphne Joy Assault Baby Mama 50 Cent Assaults Baby Mother, Not That One, But Model Daphne Joy!!!

According to the police report, 50 Cent is accused of assaulting Daphne Joy and causing $7,100 worth of damages to her apartment in Toluca Lake, CA. The motive is still yet unknown, and 50 Cent still hasn’t confirmed he’s the father of Daphne’s son. In fact he sent out a tweet shortly after the incident with the lyrics to Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean, “Billy Jean is not my lover,” suggesting that he’s not with Daphne or the kid is not his son. O_o

However, Daphne Joy must be something to him because 50 cent is accused of tearing up her apartment and scaring her to the point that she locked herself in the restroom, where he eventually kicked the door in. SMH!

For details of what went down, and how he cause $7100 in damages…read the rest of the story via our friends at Tattle Taillz.





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  1. He is such a douche!

  2. That’s messed up I hope its not true.

  3. I hope his big ass didn’t do this. If he didn’t though why is Daphne making things up?

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