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Watch This: Jamie Foxx & Channing Tatum Music Video Featuring Gabourey Sidibe & Miley Cyrus

I don’t know if you’re realized this but Jimmy Kimmel Live is a hilarious show. The skits he tosses in his show are classic.  So I couldn’t pass this one up.  Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum??? YES!! And it doesn’t disappoint!  Jamie and Channing showed up to the show to promote their new movie White House Down and who knows how it happened but Jimmy Kimmel talked them into making a music video.

Jamie Foxx & Channing Tatum

You’ll see Gabourey Sidibe dancing all around a bedroom, molesting a Channing cutout, Miley Cyrus adding some vocals and if you’re really a Jimmy Kimmel fan, you can spot an angry Matt Damon flipping off the camera towards the end.  Fun stuff for the middle of the week!  Check out the video below: 


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