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[VIDEO] Eddie Murphy Featuring Snoop Lion – Redlight

Show of hands if you knew that Eddie Murphy still had musical aspirations… *Crickets*  Yeah. Me neither.  But apparently he didn’t let Party All The Time and Whatzupwitu hold him back from making more music.  Eddie has apparently hit the studio with Snoop Lion for a reggae song called Redlight.

Eddie Murphy Snoop Lion [VIDEO] Eddie Murphy Featuring Snoop Lion   Redlight

No word on why this song even exists — the song was released on YouTube without any additional information.  But it wouldn’t surprise me if Eddie was working on a movie and Snoop gets a role.  And honestly, it’s not even a bad song.  Of Eddie‘s repertoire, this might actually be one of the better ones.  Check out the video below: 


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  1. Snoop will perform with anybody if the money is right.

  2. Please shoot me twice! Eddie actually don’t sound bad but wth is snoop really doing?! O_O

  3. I guess Eddie could have been worse and as u say Snoop is all about the $$$

  4. Both of these two need to sit down. Snoop is horrible as a reggae artist. I guess all that weed has gone to his head.

  5. go snoop dogg

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