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Nightclub Owner Says Chris Brown Assault Claims Are False

Is it any surprise that Chris Brown‘s name is coming up again in an assault lawsuit?  He seems to be a magnet for anything relating to assault, in recent years.  If I were him, I’d just crawl under a rock for a while, then come out with some happy, fun music and wait for the public to forgive and forget. Just like they did with R. Kelly.  But anyway, a few days ago a woman has claimed that Chris assaulted her in a club. But now the nightclub’s owner has come forward to say that her claims are false. According to MSN Music News, the owner of Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim, California has reviewed surveillance footage and talked to staff, and has ultimately determined that her claims are without merit.

55th Grammy Red Carpet Chris Brown 2 Nightclub Owner Says Chris Brown Assault Claims Are False

Heat Ultra Lounge owner Mike Joher has now issued a statement regarding the incident, insisting there was “no way” Brown came into contact with Gines. He states, “Based on the information which we have gathered from our security company, mall security and other party goers which were at Heat on Saturday night; It is apparent that the alleged incident regarding Chris Brown is false. “We know that the claimant was trying to jump on stage and security was doing their job by keeping people away from Chris. There was no way that he could have touched her, his section was roped off and he had heavy security surrounding him. Witnesses state that… she was persistently trying to rush Chris. She was eventually removed from the club… “

Now, THERE’S a big loophole in her story.  If there’s video footage and witnesses to attest that it didn’t happen, she might wanna just cancel her lawsuit and ride off into the sunset.  I guess we’ll see what happens next over the next few days…

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  1. I’m glad that he didn’t assault her.

  2. Chris needs to realize that he’s a target…Sitchoass down somewhere

  3. about time somebody sticks up for Chris

  4. I can believe that, I thought it was a grab for cash!

  5. The irony was the incident with Ri should had landed him in jail yet it seems like it will be the little girl/boyish zipper tattoo Karruche incident that will land him in jail…..And just because you show a photo of Karruche and you snapping shots does not omit the fact that Karruche claimed she was driving when we know it was you! CHRIS BROWN IS BECOMING O.J jr.! Go away for awhile Black folks are tired of you and that love triagle only release the media on you like flies on flypaper!!!

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