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Lil Wayne joined Jimmy Kimmel Live for an interview where he talked candidly about his seizures, his family, and his beef with the Miami Heat. Lil Wayne was very open about his health, and explained why his last seizure was so serious. The first person he remembered seeing after the scare was his mama!

I had a few seizures, the one that was very serious, is the one that everyone, I think, was worrying about. And that one was serious because the house I was in has an upstairs and downstairs. I was upstairs and my homies were downstairs, and they didn’t even know that I was upstairs seizing. And one of them was just like you know, he [Wayne] hadn’t come down in a minute. And they came up there…It’s a private medical matter I’ve been dealing with my whole life. We’re used to them happening so my doctors prepped all my homies.

Most importantly for me, I wanted to know why he went after Chris Bosh’s wife, Adrienne Bosh, during one of his rants against the Miami Heat during All Star Weekend. I just thought it was classless to drag Adrienne Bosh into it, especially now that she’s married. Lil Wayne’s explanation was really simple:

I was too turnt up that night…a little to turnt up

Lastly, Lil Wayne talks about retiring after The Carter V to spend more time with his kids. Check out his comments to see why he may need to retire sooner:


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