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‘My Legacy Will Live On’: Deadbeat Dad Fathers 22 Children By 14 Women

There are just some stories that are just so out there that you think they can’t possibly be true. But unfortunately, this one is. Channel 5 News in Nashville, Tennessee shared the story of Orlando Shaw, a 33 year old man whose younger days of ‘getting around’ resulted in having 22 children.

Deadbeat dad fathers 22 children My Legacy Will Live On: Deadbeat Dad Fathers 22 Children By 14 Women

“I was young and ambitious and I love women. You can’t knock no man for loving women,” said Orlando Shaw whose relationships have led to several children.

It is estimated the state pays more than $7,000 each month in assistance to help support all of Shaw’s children.

They estimated that Orlando would have to work three or four FULL TIME jobs in order to pay all of the back child support that he owes.  He’s spent time in jail so even getting one job is proving to be difficult. On the upside, Orlando says he’s proud of all of his children. On the WTF side, Orlando says he originally wanted 50 kids but his children will help his family legacy go on. *Crickets* There are more manageable ways to do that, sir.  Check out the news clip, when you continue… 

NewsChannel5.com | Nashville News, Weather

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  1. Good grief, he increasing the population for sure…smh and a deadbeat like most

  2. Well damn! He’s been real busy and a sad way to look at impregnating everything moving! smh

  3. It doesn’t even have enough shame to hide his face. Jesus help us. I’m looking at baby mamas 4 through 13 funny. They should have known about his rep.

  4. Plain ole ignant, not ignorant…ignant!!!

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