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Fake Baby Pics: Jessica Simpson & OK Magazine Sued

OK! magazine and Jessica Simpson have been named in a lawsuit for using a photo of another person’s baby on the cover of OK! magazine as Jessica Simpson’s newborn. The fake baby is allegedly smiling on the cover with Jessica Simpson, in an issue titled, “My First Day As A New Mom.” Here’s the kicker, not only is the baby pictured not Jessica’s, but according to the lawsuit Jessica Simpson hadn’t given birth to her real baby, yet.

The interview was a fake, and the baby pic was a fake. O_O

Jessica Simpson OK Magazine Fake Baby Fake Baby Pics: Jessica Simpson & OK Magazine Sued

Check out the details when you continue reading…

Christopher Hurst claims that he took his infant son and teenage daughter to a department store in October 2011 to meet Jessica. He says that when he got closer to Jessica, a stranger there advised him to hand his baby to Jessica. He did so and a photographer began snapping pictures. {Read the rest…via Hollywood Hiccups}

LMBO! What would you do if that was your baby?

Either OK! magazine made up an interview, or Jessica Simpson lied to the magazine to get her check. Either way they’re all being sued along with Getty Images.

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  1. smdh…how stupid ! I hope that’s not true…

  2. I don’t get it…um but this is the same chic who didn’t understand “Chicken of the Sea’

  3. I get suing the magazine but Jessica didn’t publish the pics.

  4. Its a recession, everyone is trying to make a buck.

  5. Silly it was not Jessica that did it!

  6. thats a hot mess

  7. Why would he just hand over his baby to Jessica Simpson…she’s practically a stranger..you just hand your baby to a stranger? This is crazy.

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