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Celebrity Tweets: Amanda Bynes Apologizes To Drake

I don’t know what kind of stuff Amanda Bynes has been on in these past few months but it seems she might be working her way through it. ┬áProbably a little over a month ago Amanda Bynes first tweeted about Drake when she shared with her followers that she wanted Drake to, to put it nicely, get down in the bedroom with her. ┬áThen a few weeks following, she went on a Twitter rant and called him ugly. But it seems now she wants to get in his good graces again, after tweeting this apology.

Amanda Bynes tweets apology to Drake Celebrity Tweets: Amanda Bynes Apologizes To Drake

I mean…I think at this point, the only friend you may need in your life is a licensed psychologist to help you with whatever is going on in your world, Amanda. ┬áNonetheless, good luck on trying to befriend someone after calling them ugly!

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  1. She’s schizophrenic. She needs medication. We need to ignore her.

  2. Amanda needs to have a seat seriously…

  3. Wow that’s the most sane she’s sounded in a long time.

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