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Bobbi Kristina, Nick Gordon Evicted! Leaves Neighbors A Nasty Lil Note!!!

Just when you thought the Houston family drama had finally ceased, we find out that Bobbi Krstina and Nick Gordon have been evicted. Unlike Kenya Moore, it’s not because they weren’t paying their bills on time, it’s because they were too much to handle. Neighbors have been complaining about the noise coming from Bobbi Kristina’s Alpharetta, Georgia apartment, and the couple was asked to leave, more like forced to leave.

Bobbi Kristina Nick Gordon Tattoos Bobbi Kristina, Nick Gordon Evicted! Leaves Neighbors A Nasty Lil Note!!!

So Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon, kindly moved out. Well sort of…check out the little note Bobbi Kristina left the neighbor before saying deuces…

It starts off like this:

THANKS. You are sh*t at the bottom of my shoe. Thanks for making a hard year even harder…{Continue reading}

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  1. That’s just crazy! Now Aunt Pat gone have to find her somewhere else to live!

  2. Bobbi Kristina! Your mother did not raise you to be rude and obnixous like your Father! I remembered when your Dad had a home that was used for crack smokers and it was the start of his downfall. How are you going to act? How would you like if someone lived over you and stomping and banging all day long. Trust me I know that is nerve-wrecking sound. It will make you go crazy of kill someone. This is a true story and you can achieve it . I’m not sure of the year but on the Southside of Chicago it was this young lady living over this man and the young lady would have loud music and friends knocking over this man head all the time he went to the real estate on her and nothing happen – One day the man just snapped! He went up the the girl’s house with a gun – shot and killed her and then turned the gun on himself. He had been unemployed for awhile and she was in her twenties living life without a care in the world. Now it’s all a vague memory!

    And it was in baaaaaaaaadddddddddd taste to include their unborn child.

    • Well ok then…

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