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Wendy Williams Talks About 20 Pound Weight Loss

Seems like everyone is trying to get healthier and I love it.  Talk show host Wendy Williams jumped on the fitness bandwagon and decided to make some changes, which have lead to a 20 pound weight loss this year.  She talked to E! Online about her new lifestyle changes that’s lead to this.

Wendy Williams weight loss Wendy Williams Talks About 20 Pound Weight Loss

And not to knock anyone for going a different route but I applaud Wendy‘s approach to it.  Just small changes in her life and consistency and she’s reaping some great benefits.  I know it inspires me.  So what’s her secret? 

She’s been working with a personal trainer who works her out twice and week.  She’s also stopped eating cheese every day and eats it every three days.  With her 50th birthday approaching, Wendy just wanted to get her body “back together.”  Well good on her, because she looks great!

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One Comment

  1. She looks great, now she needs to reduce the implants!

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