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Bravo TV‘s Watch What Happens Live has to be one of the messiest shows on television.  And I love it.  Because folks seem to just bare their souls and say whatever they’re thinking.  However, when you’re talking about Wendy Williams, she really doesn’t need much to say what she wants.  She just does.  When a fan submitted a question, asking what type of mom Wendy thinks Kim Kardashian will be, she doesn’t hold back:  ‘She’ll be a single mom.’

Wendy Williams Watch What Happens Live

Wendy has no hope for the relationship of Kim K and Kanye West.  Like, none at all.   During these recent months, we’ve seen less and less of the pair together.  And it could be because Kanye is working on his next album.  Could be because Kim just wants some space as she’s preparing for the baby.  But Wendy probably isn’t alone in thinking it’s not gonna last.  See how long she gives the relationship, when you watch the clip below… 

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