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Nick Cannon Talks Mariah Carey & Idol Drama With Nicki Minaj

Nick Cannon is very candid about his feeling towards the manufactured beef from American Idol, and blames the producers for the reality TV like drama.  Cannon wants to set the record straight on behalf of his wife. According to Mr. Cannon, Mariah Carey signed up to be a judge on American Idol to actually mentor new singers, not for attention or the punch lines.

She comes home and just doesn’t have time for it, you know? She’s trying to be the world’s biggest superstar mom, and it’s just really one of those things where she didn’t sign up for that, and she’s like, ‘aww man, I wish that experience could be about what the show is really supposed to be about, because she really likes, loves these contestant…has a connection with her fellow singers.

Nick Cannon Defends Mariah Carey

After all it is a singing competition, so Nicki Minaj’s only role on the show is to stir up drama. Nicki Minaj is on her second and half album, and Mariah Carey is on her 11th, and that’s not including her Christmas albums, compilations, or soundtracks.  I mean, the soundtrack to Glitter has sold more than Nicki’s second and a half album. G-L-I-T-T-E-R! O_O

If Nicki is not a singer or a veteran in the music business, what is her purpose on the show other than ratings??? Anyway, check out the full interview via Cotten Kandi. Nick Cannon defends his wife. So Cute!

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