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So K Michelle Hits Rasheeda In The Breast With A Candle

K Michelle and Rasheeda are still at odds. Of course Mona Scott-Young thought it was good idea to put K Michelle and Rasheeda in the same room with cameras rolling. Naturally, an argument occurred, and somehow Rasheeda ended up with a scented Glade candle to the breast.

Rasheeda K Michelle So K Michelle Hits Rasheeda In The Breast With A Candle

In K Michelle’s defense, Rasheeda did ask for it (literally not figuratively). Check out the full video here via Impeccable Imperfections. It’s not funny, but it kind of is. What was Rasheeda thinking? We all know K Michelle is not wrapped too tight. You don’t call the bluff of a cray-cray.

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  1. K Michelle is dysfunctional. smh

  2. I actually like K Michelle & Rasheeda better think next time she walk up on somebody like that…

    • I like K. too but I think she has all that mouth, but won’t whoop a fly off her big butt.

      • IDK, I have never seen her back away from confrontation, either. I definitely don’t think Rasheeda is the one to do anything. Perhaps Joseline, she hits like a man.

    • I agree!

  3. can’t we all just get along

  4. the candle was lit omg i still havent watched this yet ) :

    • Yes, she threw a lot candle in a jar at Rasheeda’s boob. LOL

  5. I like K-Michelle she speaks the truth and she was only defending herself. Rasheeda was wrong on the last season going against her husband.

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