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Michael Clarke Duncan’s Grave Vandalized

You would think that when loved ones are laid to rest that they would be left alone.  But there are some people out there in the world that are just sick.  TMZ is reporting that Michael Clarke Duncan‘s grave has been vandalized, according to family members.  A family member stopped by the grave at Forest Lawn Cemetery to deliver flowers when they noticed a small figurine attached to the grave.

Michael Clarke Duncan grave vandalized Michael Clarke Duncans Grave Vandalized

Photo courtesy of TMZ

The family believes it is the figure of “Sambo,” a racist depiction of a black person.  They reported the incident to police and are having it investigated as a hate crime.  LAPD is currently investigating this.  Hopefully they find out who the culprit is.

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  1. retarded! I am so sick of people and their racism. the poor man is dead let him rest in peace and his family. pisses me off

  2. So horrible, some people are terrible…

  3. Some people have no respect.

  4. People can be such idiots

  5. wow thats really messed up

  6. So tragic why anyone would do this!

  7. That is so horrible, not cool at all!

  8. That’s a shame.

  9. SMH…phucked up plain and simple

  10. SMH. Michael can’t rest in peace. First the Celebrity Apprentice drama, and now this!?

  11. wow who could do such thing

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