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To The Left, To The Left! Terrence Howard’s Ex-Wife Awarded A Bicycle In Divorce Settlement

One of the most useful apps that I have on my phone is a random button app.  Each button has random sounds but the one I use more than the others is The Price Is Right losing horn sound.  Because life sometimes throws events your way that calls for it.  Like this sad mess right here.  According to TMZ, Terrence Howard made off like a bandit in his divorce proceedings, leaving his ex-wife Michelle Ghent nothing but a BMW and a bicycle.

Soul Train Music Awards Hosts Terrence Howard

*The Price Is Right losing horn*

Terrence is keeping all the money and property. Michelle also has to return the 2011 Range Rover to Terrence but will be receiving $5800 a month in spousal support.  Considering that Terrence is a working actor and has his hands in a number of big projects, he needs to give his lawyer a car or something.

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