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Kim Zolciak Dealing With Kroy Beirmann Cheating Rumors

Is there trouble in paradise or is Kim Zolciak leaking stories to her favorite tabloid magazine, InTouch? InTouch magazine seems to have the scoop on all things Kim, but this time it’s not in Kim’s favor. According to the magazine, Kroy Beirmann, has been cheating on Kim with his ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Seward.

Elizabeth Seward kroy biermann cheating Kim Zolciak Dealing With Kroy Beirmann Cheating Rumors

From the excerpts it sounds like the cheating happened back in the beginning of his relationship with Kim Zolciak, around the time of Cynthia’s wedding. So why is it important for Elizabeth Seward to leak this news now, now that Kim and Kroy are married with two sons? *whispers publicity for the reality show*

IDK, but you can check out Elizabeth’s reasons for outing Kroy, here. I’m not really buying it, though. Word is Elizabeth has text messages as proof, too.

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  1. Kim’s better looking!

  2. ahh, that is too bad – cheating is never easy…

  3. I mean a year later…people are killing me with their back stories

  4. Wouldn’t put it past Kroy…ol’ sneaky looking ass lol

  5. Curious, wasn’t this the same woman who was dating a married man when the show started?

    • Yes the same woman! So she shouldn’t care if Kroy cheats, AT ALL…

  6. Anyone has sympathy for Kim who publicly had an affair with a married man and chuckled about it with NENE! This ‘professional white gold-digger’, know how to ‘professional dig for gold’. On the first season of ‘Housewives of ATL’, all she did was talk about her ‘wealthy man’, and how she used him for money! And, no one expected ‘karma’ to bit Kim in her ass! Don’t think your sucker someone by having children w him and than marrying him, because you have children with them. That is too many woman mistakes.

    • I don’t think anyone would have sympathy for Kim. It’s just this story has to be at least two years old. Yes!!! karma is not finished with Kim.

  7. SMDH!!!

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