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Kenya Moore & Jay-Z Were Once A Couple??? #TBT

When Throwback Thursdays go wrong…Kenya Moore shares an old picture of Jay-Z and her chilling in his ride. Sparking rumors that she and Jay-Z once dated. Now you know, Kenya Moore thinks she’s Beyonce, so I find it quite orchestrated that she would tweet the picture below with the caption “Pre Beyonce”.

Kenya Moore Jay Z TBT Throwback Kenya Moore & Jay Z Were Once A Couple??? #TBT

Mind you she tweeted this picture two weeks ago. So for two weeks people have been speculating on the status of Kenya Moore and Jay-Z’s relationship (back in the day before Beyonce). -AND- today, two weeks later she finally explains…If this woman is not thirsty. I bet you Beyonce won’t be twirling anymore with the wind.

Check out her response…via Yazmar.

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  1. I remember her in the Money Ain’t A Thang Video…but I think Jermaine Dupri is more her in her legue, lol…not Jay

  2. Kenya Moore / Honey Do You ….

    Leave my Girl The 1 and only ” B ” and my Boy ( no harm to ya “J ” ) the —-

    God will Bless you more.

  3. Kenya is desperate. I’ve lost all respect for this has been. Go sit down. She is a mess. Big Girls don’t kiss & tell STUPID!

  4. Jay didn’t want her I’m sure.

  5. he probably hit that

  6. never

  7. Girl please. Have a seat.

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