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So Kanye West Runs Into A Metal Sign…

I know I am late posting this story. I have watched this video several times over the weekend tickling myself silly each time, dying a slow death. Although I should have sympathy for Kanye West, I really don’t. Think of all the times he’s embarrassed people with his actions and his words (Amber Rose, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake). Kanye West running into that metal street sign then flaming out like a queen just feels like karma but with a capital “K”.

In case you haven’t seen it, or like me you can’t stop watching here it is again.

Perhaps he shouldn’t refer to himself as God if he can’t walk through street signs. Just think about it, the irony of Kanye West walking head first into a sign that reads “caution” on one side and “wrong way” on the other side. Oh but it gets better, Kanye West is not finished, yet, now comes the meltdown…

*End scene* I feel like there is a lesson regarding humbleness that should have been learned in this moment, but the message is obviously missed. Oh if only there was a sign from God.

Kanye West Forehead Scar So Kanye West Runs Into A Metal Sign...

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  1. kanye is a clown sometimes

  2. He got embarrassed then tried to turn it on the paps..LMAO LMAO HILARIOUS

    • That what cracks me up the most. It was not the paparazzi’s fault. They were not chasing him, and they kept their distance. He put his head down and he ran into the sign…by himself.

      In real life people laugh. My friends would have laughed.

  3. That shit was quite funny!

  4. Kim done cursed that man. SMH He needs his mother.

  5. This was just too funny!

  6. oops the pole bumped into him, bad pole!

  7. OMG….LMAO….Thanks Kanye, I needed a good laugh.

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