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So Dutchess Of Black Ink Is On The Pole At King Of Diamonds

I have heard of women quitting their jobs as a dancer after appearing on a reality show, but I don’t recall women leaving a reality show to become a dancer. Well Dutchess Lattimore of Vh1’s Black Ink was spotted on stage at King of Diamonds in Miami (once home to Black Chyna before Tyga put her on wifey status).

Dutchess Kings Of Diamonds

This was not just a promotion stop at KOD, Dutchess actually hit the stage, and our friends at Tatttle Tailzz have the proof. What does Caesar have to say about ALL this? Well, he must approve because he was in the audience.

I guess this means Black Ink is not returning to Vh1 for a second season, especially if folks are hitting the stage instead of magazine covers. Photos and more via Tattle Tailzz.

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