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Candice Glover Wins Idol After 3 Tries; Sings Tearful Finale SongTo God

Candice Glover is a true American Idol in my book. I heart Candice because she can SANG, but I also admire her because she NEVER gave up on her dream. Although she is the season 12 winner of American Idol, Candice Glover was rejected twice by Idol judges in the past, before finally making it onto the stage so that America could hear her voice and vote. The ending was very emotional, especially when she pointed to the heavens and dedicated her finale song to God. *fans my eyeballs* 

But her friends’ and family’s reaction to her win…PRICELESS. I just love black people and our Holy Ghost Dance of Jubilee.

Candice Glover Wins Idol

I watched this whole season of American Idol because of Candice, and I haven’t done that since season one with Kelly Clarkson, and season three with Fantasia. Check out the emotional finale when you continue…

Now how they expect her to sing with confetti in her mouth… Confession: I turned the channel to watch Scandal, and missed most of this last night. Olivia Pope’s Dad?!?

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