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Watch This: Rihanna Dies In New Movie Trailer

Some people might see that as a reason to see the movie but this one looks like a hilarious film that I will most definitely partake of.  This Is The End is gonna be pretty epic simply because all the actors and famous folks in the film are actually playing themselves.  The storyline goes like this: actor James Franco has a big Hollywood party at his house. Among the attendees are Rihanna, Kevin Hart, Seth Rogan and Michael Cena.  During the party some kind of apocalyptic event takes place.  It looks like some kind of alien invasion or something.  But only 6 people survive and we follow them on their quest to survive this new world.

Rihanna This Is The End trailer Watch This: Rihanna Dies In New Movie Trailer

In the short time of this clip, Rihanna comes off like how I would imagine she is in real life: funny and fiery.  I imagine that this role works better for her than her role in the Battleship movie…anyway, check out the trailer below: 


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