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Watch This: Beyoncé’s Teaser Video For ‘Grown Woman’

So remember when we got Rick Rolled by Beyoncé and the surprise she had in store was a Pepsi commercial?  Well, it happens that the song used in the commercial Grown Woman is set to be a new single from Bey’s upcoming album.  And The Daily Mail posted the video of the teaser for the song.

Beyonce Grown Woman teaser

Looks like Bey is gonna be platinum!  But, if I’m not mistaken, it seems like she may have shot the video back during the start of her Pepsi campaign. Because the shots of her in the blonde look juuuuuuust like some of the ads they had running around Superbowl time. Could it be that she did this months and months ago and kept it under wraps for this long? I hope this video doesn’t end up being one long Pepsi commercial. Check out the teaser trailer below and the Pepsi ad picture when you continue… 


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