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Unwarranted Advice: Tyrese Slams ‘Nasty’ Fat People

For the most part, I like everyone.  You know, unless you do something to me specifically, I’m the world’s easiest woman to get along with.  But then there are some people who just automatically rub you the wrong way.  And my intuition about people are usually right! Now I don’t feel any kinds of bad about not being a Tyrese fan.  His presence on Twitter has revealed him to be a person that I’d rather not meet.  And now his interview with AllHipHop has done nothing to change my opinion. I’m just gonna put this quote out there and let you see for yourself.

CinemaCon 2012 - Awards Ceremony - Arrivals

AHH: What kind of responsibility do you feel as an entertainer, you have to inspire people to live healthier lifestyles?

Tyrese: No two situations are the same. If you are fat and nasty and you don’t like the way you look, do something about it. It’s simple.

When you take a shower and you put your fat, nasty body in the shower and by the time you get out, the mirrors are all steamed up so you don’t look at what you did to yourself. That may sound offensive or insensitive but ultimately, you are big as hell because you have earned that sh*t. You worked your a** off to eat everything in sight to get big as hell. 

If you got a problem with the way you look, then you need to do something about it. Excuses sound best to the people that’s making them up.

Now, I think if he stopped at the first line, I might have said he’s being a bit harsh but could see what he was trying to say.  But the additional comments is just plain out fat shaming.  Bullying people about their weight is nothing but destructive and speaks more to your own a**hole tendencies that it does to their size.  While I can’t believe he went on like that, I’m not surprised.  And that’s unfortunate.

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