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Stacey Dash Speaks Out Against Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s Cuba Trip + Was The Trip Legal?

Twitter is pretty famous for giving us regular people a more detailed look into the mind of celebrities.  Not every celebrity bares themselves and shares their souls on the internet, but the ones that do can be a bit surprising.  Take Stacey Dash for instance.  After she tweeted her support for presidential candidate Mitt Romney it was kind of hard for me to take her serious, ever again.  Now she’s spoken out on Twitter again, this time about Beyoncé and Jay-Z wedding anniversary trip to Cuba. Check out the tweet below:

Stacey Dash Beyonce Jay Z Cuba tweet Stacey Dash Speaks Out Against Beyoncé & Jay Zs Cuba Trip + Was The Trip Legal?

Uh.  If they haven’t started already, I’m sure that Beyoncé‘s BeyHive fans are dicing up her mentions like a Ginsu knife. Pretty much anyone that says anything again Bey catches their wrath, for that matter.  But earlier today the US Treasury Department DID make a determination today on whether their trip to Cuba was legal.  Click HERE if you’d like the answer…

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  1. Stacey Dash is one of the whores of the industry…how dare she lol

  2. Stacey Dash should just have a damn seat. She ain’t be straight since “Clueless” and clearly she’s clueless to all things on planet earth.

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