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Rick Ross Protest Held Outside Of New York Reebok Store

And I knew this was coming.  Just days following Rick Ross’ sorry excuse for an apology a group of protestors rallied outside of the Reebok Flagship Store in New York.  According to PIX 11, the protest group called  Ultraviolet came to the store with a signed petition in hand, seeking Rick Ross’ removal as a Reebok spokesperson.

Rick Ross BET's Rip The Runway

72,000 people signed the petition and I believe that was only after a day’s worth of signature.  Who knows how big that number will be in the coming days.  Yesterday, Rick Ross reiterated on Twitter that he nor Maybach Music doesn’t condone rape, apologizing the for lyrics being misinterpreted. *blank stare*  He also gave a half-hearted apology to Reebok and Ultraviolet.  I don’t know, Rozay. I think you’re gonna have to come with something more genuine.  Check out the news clip, when you continue… 

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