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Did Ray J Really Make A Video With A Kim Look -A-Like?

Ray J needs some serious help, and has officially lost his name, again. His career has really come to this, as if For the Love Ray wasn’t a wake up call, we are right back to thirsty. So Brandy’s little brother, made a video with a Kim Kardashian look a like for a song that isn’t about Kim Kardashian *wink wink* called I Hit It First, although the song clearly calls out Kanye “West” by name.

Ray J Video I Hit It First Did Ray J Really Make A Video With A Kim Look  A Like?

Thanks to our friends at Gossip Wrap Up, we were are able to witness Brandy’s little brother before he enters rehab or a straight jacket. Brandy’s little brother is officially that weird stalker dude. Check out the video below to see why:

I guess it was meant to be funny, but if I were Kimmy Cakes, I would get a restraining order STAT. That’s a lot of money and energy spent over someone from your past. Did y’all notice that bed and the “home video” scenes? LMBO!

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  1. Chiiiiiiiiile the thirst is REAL!!! He is one bitter brother!

  2. this is extremely distrubing and quite stalkerish if I may add. Restraining order for sure.

  3. Ray J is just a pitiful, desperate soul

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