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There is a lot I could say, but I will just report the news. Pilar Sanders is writing a ” tell all” book, by “tell all” I mean a fictional novel on how Deion Sanders abused her. Pilar now wants to be a mentor for women of domestic violence, and of course the first step is to write a book:

I want to be a mentor to other women who have been abused, by sharing my story, my struggles and letting them in, it will not only help heal myself but others experiencing the same trials and struggles as well. {Read the rest here…}

Pilar Sanders Mugshot

Not to make light of domestic violence, but something just doesn’t seem right here. It’s time for Pilar to move on, and stop making money off of Deion Sanders and his name. According to Diva Whispers, Pilar’s rumored boyfriend, Slimm Calhoun may be fronting the money for this new book under the Cash Money label.

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