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OMG! Kevin Ware Did NOT Feel The Pain When His Leg Broke

Kevin Ware is so blessed to have not felt the pain upon impact during his injury. In case you didn’t know, Louisville’s Guard Kevin Ware suffered a tragic injury when he landed wrong during a March Madness game against Duke. Ware had an open leg fracture, and his leg popped in two during the game. A loud audible gasp could be heard throughout the audience. It was a very emotional moment!

Once the pain set in, Ware’s teammate, Luke Hancock, said a prayer and kept Ware calm, while the other teammates cried on the court floor outside of his view. Ware knew it was serious by the look in his coach’s eyes. Coach Rick Pitino was in shock at the severity of the break:

Even Louisville coach Rick Pitino was emotional, wiping tears from his eyes and later saying that the sight of his player’s injury almost made him vomit. {via CBS News}

Through it all, Ware was most concerned about his teammates, and sucked up the pain to encourage them to dry their eyes and win the game. They DID win!!! It took me this long to post this story because I cringe every time I think of the situation. My heart was full and I immediately started praying for this kid. Today he is recovering well. He is in good spirits. He is optimistic about his future no matter what it is.

Whoa! My inner cougar just wants cradle him in my arms, know what I mean. Anyway, IF you want to see the injury, click here at your OWN risk.

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  1. poor guy. his career is over before it started. I hope he actually went to school for school and not just to play.

  2. and he does not want to see the video- i do not blame him

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