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NeNe Leakes Rich, Now! Signs $1 Million RHOA Bravo Contract

nene-leaks-book-signingNeNe Leakes can add another check into her bank account. The star of Real Housewives of Atlanta is making more money than the rest of the housewives, cause she’s rich! Ha! According to Radar Online, NeNe is pulling in $1 million for the season plus a bonus. I’ve been #TeamNeNe since the show started, and yes she can be extra at times, but RHOA just isn’t RHOA without Ms. NeNe.

NeNe was able to carry the show without Kim Zolciak, and without what’s her name, oh yes, Sheree Whitfield. Bravo realized that fact and awarded her accordingly:

NeNe is the one viewers watch. She knows that, Bravo knows that and that’s why they gave her a raise…Everyone gets it, NeNe is the favorite, but they’re still jealous, of course. They wish they could earn what NeNe makes because they don’t think she would be nearly as popular without fighting with them.

Look, NeNe is also the only one on RHOA who can really sing (Yes, I’m fully aware Kandi is also on the show), and NeNe hasn’t even dropped an album or a single…yet. Y’all better watch out, it ain’t over for Mrs Leakes, she still got some tricks up her sleeves.


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