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Idol Candice Glover Performs Lovesong; Glitter Bombed By Mariah Carey

Last night Candice Glover gave one of the best performances in American Idol’s 12 season history with her rendition of Lovesong, originally written and performed by The Cure, but made even more famous by Adele. Last night the contestants performed two songs, and Candice killed it with her first song, Don’t Make Me Over by Dionne Warwick, only out due herself with Lovesong. She received two standing ovations last night, and the other contestants just weren’t in her league, she owned that show.

Check out Candice first song, Don’t Make Me Over:

Of course, we save the best for last. Check out Candice Glover singing Lovesong. Candice put so much emotion into that song that she was left in tears like she’d caught the Holy SpiritMariah Carey was so moved, she walked on stage sprinkled Mariah Dust (glitter) onto Candice

Not sure if that was a good thing, though. Glitter was not the best movie O_-

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