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In Case You Missed It: Sweet Brown’s New Single ‘Cold Poppin’

Oh lawd Jesus, her 15 minutes of fame isn’t quite up yet!! You know, I highly considered holding on to this until tomorrow for the Friday Funnies post but I couldn’t keep it to myself.  Thank me later.  Sweet Brown got together with some people who owned a studio and managed to turn her 30 second news clip into an actual single, COMPLETE with a music video.

Sweet Brown Cold Poppin

Aside from the gold grills, missing teeth, baby mamas and prison cell mates scattered through out the whole thing, what REALLY made me mad was that I was bopping my head along to the song.  It’s kinda catchy. And you can’t tell me that you won’t be shouting “ALL I NEEDED WAS A COL’ POP!” into someone’s drive-thru window near you.  Won’t you jig along with me?  Watch the video when you continue… 


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