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Blade Unchained! Wesley Snipes Released From Prison

Looky here! Wesley Snipes has been in jail so long that I thought that he was released already.  TMZ reported not too long ago that Wesley has been released since April 2nd and is back in New York.  During this time, he will be under house arrest until July 19th.

wesley snipes prison sentence Blade Unchained! Wesley Snipes Released From Prison

Wesley was sentenced to 3 years in jail for tax evasion back in 2010. That’s some good news. I hope some folks start sending him some movie scripts to look over because I sure wouldn’t mind seeing another Blade movie!  Congrats to Wesley. Remember to always double check those tax returns, homie!

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  1. love the title blade i forgot about that character

  2. YES!! Wesley is back out in the almost “free” world…

  3. Why is it black celebs always go to jail for tax evasion, instead of just owing ridiculous amounts like the white celebs do (Willie Nelson, Nic Cage, Lindsay Lohan)? Do they arrest you if you don’t agree to pay them, and challenge the amount and penalities?

  4. I know he’s happy.. Next time pay your damn taxes!

  5. ready to see him back in action

  6. I know he’s happy.

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