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Beyonce & Dem Boobs

So Beyonce debuts her new concert costumes from her Mrs. Carter world tour…

Beyonce Boon Costume Beyonce & Dem Boobs

…and of course everyone is talking. More pics when you continue:

Beyonce Boob Costume Beyonce & Dem Boobs

Beyonce Boob Costume 3 Beyonce & Dem Boobs

I know the Beehives will think this is the best thing EVER! In other news, Beyonce’s new song has been delayed because the pop star is still perfecting it. So…Drink a Pepsi and be patient because it’s coming soon.

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  1. Is it something wrong with this picture or is everybody going to hell in a hand basket

  2. Beautiful costume. I expect this from Nicki Minaj, Lady Ga Ga, and Rihanna even Brittany Spears, but this is too scanty for Queen Bey. With friends in high places (Obama’s) and an ageless audience,I think she went a little too far….. but…… you only live once and her body is amazing, so work it girl. Trashy and classy.

    • I’m not feeling it either. If she’s really bold, why not wear a see-through or sheer top.

  3. She has the body and she is an entertainer! I think the costume is quite cute! QUEENBEY!!!!

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