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Is TMZ Picking ON Justin Bieber Or Has Bieber Gone Mad?

Justin Bieber is in the news, by news I mean on TMZ, almost daily for something negative or insignificant. Not too long ago, paparazzo, Chris Guerra was killed in car crash while chasing Justin Bieber’s Ferrari, trying to get a picture of the young singer smoking weed. Well it turned out that Justin Bieber wasn’t driving his car that night, and the paparazzo’s death may have been in vain. Chris Guerra was close to the staff at TMZ, plus, TMZ feltĀ Justin Bieber should have been more remorseful about Guerra’s death. Since then, TMZ has posted many negative stories on Justin Bieber. They’ve been trailing his every move…excessively. I’m not blaming TMZ for Justin’s crazy antics, but I find it odd that they’re always on scene getting the scoop, and breaking the story first.

Justin Bieber Fighting Is TMZ Picking ON Justin Bieber Or Has Bieber Gone Mad?

I don’t know what’s going on with Justin Biber, but Twana Tells breaks down his ratchet behavior. Is Bieber really trying to be ’bout that life, or is thatĀ  TMZ pressure getting to him?

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  1. TMZ messes with everybody smh!

  2. he is gone mad and tmz is pissed because he refused to do an live broadcasting with them

  3. TMZ aint shit, and neither is Bieber

  4. Dude has issues.

  5. He’s a nineteen year old kid he’s supposed to be a cocky asshole.

  6. TMZ loves picking on anyone they can generate more news stories from. Especially the young rich famous and troubled stars.

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