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TMZ Lil Wayne Death Scare V. YMCB Alive & Well

Last night was an eventful night for news services and bloggers. The night was low on facts but high on drama, and sadly it involved whether or not Lil Wayne was “alive and well” or in “a coma dying”. Trying to find out the truth of what to accurately report was like trying to find a needle in a hay-stack, as each side battled to control the publicity around the issue.

We can confirm Lil Wayne did have a seizure and that he is recovering. {via Lil Wayne’s publicist}

Birdman Birthday Party Club LIV Lil Wayne TMZ Lil Wayne Death Scare V. YMCB Alive & Well

I did however learn six things:

1) It’s not TMZ’s responsibility to notify news agency when a celebrity is dying. It’s the family’s responsibility to put out a statement, first. Although TMZ is generally accurate regarding these subjects, it’s not their move to make. In the future, we will try to wait on the confirmation from the family (out of respect) instead of relying on TMZ.

2) Nurses and other hospital personnel should not be paid to leak information. Hope some people get fired!

3) Mack Maine of Young Money should not have tweeted that Lil Wayne is “alive and well” and watching the Syracuse game. Obviously Lil Wayne is not well. At this point we know that information is not true, either. Well people are not taken to ICU.  Well people don’t have extended stays at the hospital for days with visitors leaving looking sadder than when they’d arrived. I understand protecting Lil Wayne, but don’t lead his fans into thinking he’s playing Xbox in ICU while writing lyrics. He is alive and recovering, is better statement, and more accurate, and is all that needs to be said.

4) When a person is dying everyone is his best friend praying. But when that person is alive, who is watching his back making sure he’s healthy and drug free. With so many “yes people” surrounding celebrities, who’s telling them the truth? Who is truly seeking help on their behalf? If reports are true that Lil Wayne was doing drugs, which real friend is going to help him get clean? Or hold him accountable?

5) Lil Wayne still needs your prayers, and he still needs positive energy. He’s not on twitter tweeting, and he’s not doing “well”. -BUT- Most importantly, Lil Wayne is NOT dead, which means there is always hope for a full recovery. If you should take anything away from last night, it’s that everything is in God’s timing. We all need to wait, be patient, because the facts will be hard to find. The media is a publicity game of war, and patience is the key to accuracy.

6) Twitter is live example of how words can go wrong. Lil Wayne did not have a Caesar and he did not die and come back to life. He is also not chilling at the hospital waiting for his album release on March 26 to be like Tupac.

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