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Supreme Court To Make History This Week On Gay Marriage & (DOMA)

Human Rights Red Equlity Sign Gay Marriage Supreme Court To Make History This Week On Gay Marriage & (DOMA)You may have seen this red equality sign posted on your friends Facebook account, tumblr page, or twitter avatar. This symbol to my left was created by the Human Rights Campaign to promote marriage equality. The Human Rights Campaign is an organization that fights for civil and equality rights of LGBT Americans.

This week the Supreme Court will hear two cases that affect the future of marriage in this country. The first one is a challenge to California’s Prop 8, a voter-approved ban on gay marriage, and the second case challenges the constitutionally of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). DOMA legally defines marriage (at the federal level) as one woman and one man. The fate of these two cases will make history in the United States. People are paying $6,000 just for a chance to sit in on the oral arguments for these cases.

There are many rallyies going on across the nation, and via social media. The majority of us in this country are hoping DOMA is struck down, and that adult human beings will have the right to enter into a contract with whomever they so choose, as long as it’s two consenting adults. Keyword is adults!

Where do you stand on the issue of marriage equality?

I am a Christian who believes in equality for all. I don’t think any citizens should be treated as a second class human, especially if our country is spending their tax money, and especially if they’re defending our country in war. Freedom of Religion is not just for Christianity; just as it has protected us from persecution, it shall protect all Americans who are doing no harm to others from persecution.

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  1. Things aka SHIT is about to hit the fan………………………………………………………sklfjsklfjiosdjfiosjfiosjfsk

  2. I hope they make the right decision. We don’t have the right to tell anyone who they can and can’t marry. People need to clean up their own back yard and wonder why the divorce rate is so high with heterosexual marriages. If they want to keep the sanctity of marriage they’re not doing a very good job. Need to let people live their lives.

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