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MrsGrapevine.com On Dr. Phil – Siovaughn Wade Blames The Media

Siovaughn Funches-Wade was on Dr. Phil last week to talk about losing her custody battle to her ex-husband Dwyane Wade. During the interview Dr. Phil asked Siovaughn a question of accountability regarding stories on the internet that suggested Siovaughn lost custody of her children because of her “crazy antics”. Instead of addressing the issues, Siovaughn blamed Dwyane Wade and his publicist for planting stories in the media to make Siovaughn look crazy so that he can take her kids from her. She didn’t address the missed court dates or the other issues surrounding their custody arrangements. She also suggested that the judges were too busy being fans to deliver justice.

For the record, Dwyane Wade has never planted any stories on this site. Truth be told, we were on Siovaughn’s side, trying to be as fair as possible to the wife, until it became clear that her main agenda was to ruin the reputation of Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade by leaking outrageous allegations herself. Anyway, MrsGrapevine.com is sited as a source, and you can check out the video below at the 1:45 mark:

Siovaughn caused more harm to her reputation than good by going on Dr. Phil and sweeping up old dust. Check out Gabrielle Union’s response via twitter to the Dr. Phil interview:

Gabrielle Union Tweets Siovaughn Dr Phil MrsGrapevine.com On Dr. Phil   Siovaughn Wade Blames The Media

[Tweets via Jocks & Stiletto Jill]

At what point will this be over! It’s time to focus on healing and parenting. Most of us in the media defended Siovaughn, even going as far as to blaming Gabrielle Union, based on Siovaughn’s home-wrecking rumors. Gabrielle Union endured the bitter end of the publicity, and it’s time for Siovaughn to let go. Courts will not keep a good parent away.

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One Comment

  1. Wow congrats!

    I feel sorry for Siovaughn. Sometimes we have so much pain, we can’t see or think straight. Her actions cost her everything, and still she can’t stop. She needs help.

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