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Django Unchained 2?? Kerry Washington Says She Wants To See It!!

One of the most controversial (and one of the best, if you ask me) movies of 2012 is already gaining talk about a sequel.  E! Online talked to Kerry Washington while on the red carpet about her thoughts about another Django Unchained movie.

Kerry Washington, Uptown Magazine6

“That would be superfun, wouldn’t it?” Kerry Washington, who played Broomhilda in the hit movie, said at the Oscars. “There has been a little bit of talk but I don’t know where Quentin is on it. He’s always got so many pots on the stove. But I do kind of want to see what happens after [Broomhilda] pulls that gun out. She’s pretty amazing.”

Well, if there’s anything I know about Quentin Tarantino it’s if he really does want to do a sequel, it won’t be anytime soon. So don’t hold your breath. But don’t give up hope, either.

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