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It’s Disrespectful To Leave Kirko Bangz Off Beyonce’s Houston Remix

Beyonce drops the remix to I Been Down. Although the song features some of my favorite rappers like Bun B, Willie D, Lil Keke, and of course Scarface, I’m still not sure if I love it…YET. Everyone is talking about how hot I Been Down is, all I can think, is maybe they’ve never heard Pimp Da Pen, Tell Me Something Good, South Side, or Mr Scarface. AND- I also can’t believe how many of Beyonce’s fans, don’t know that Beyonce IS actually on the track. Who else would have baby hair and dookie braids on this track list O_O?

Beyonce Reppin Texas I Been Down Its Disrespectful To Leave Kirko Bangz Off Beyonces Houston Remix

BTW, Earlier reports had Kirko Bangz on the short list. However as you can see, Kirko Bangz didn’t make the cut. According to our friend at Gossip We Love, Kirko Bangz finds it disrepectful that Beyonce didn’t ask him to be on the track. He needs to get in line behind Bushwick Bill. Bushwick would have put it DOWN! Check out the Kirko Bangz drama via Gossip We Love.

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  1. kirko bang have a million seats

  2. she put on legends Kirko sorry you are not a legend yet

  3. No legend at all!

  4. Yep Bushwick wasn’t on there Kirko shut your dumb ass up

  5. Being from Texas myself I feel she could have at least put Paul Wall or Chamillionaire or even Trae on there instead of Slim Thug….He had the weakest verse of all, but Kirko deserves no place at all on that track. He been in the game for what all of 5 minutes. He can have several seats with that!

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